Employee of the Month Awards for 2011

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December – Judy Heathman, Russell

Judy was awarded for rendering assistance to children involved in a bus accident.

November – Sarah Leachman, Taylor

Sarah was awarded for picking up and taking over the setting up and coordinating of flu clinics when her supervisors were unexpectedly off work.

October – Mindy Wilson, Casey

Mindy was awarded for the extra effort she puts into creating a HANDS Newsletter for the HANDS patients in Casey, Russell, and Cumberland Counties.

September – Valerie Dykes, Taylor

Valerie was awarded for going out of her way to assist a family in finding a veterinarian who would, for an affordable price, prepare and ship an animal for rabies testing; and for transporting said animal to the clinic.

August – Donna Parrish, Clinton

Donna was awarded for coming in on her day off, at the last minute, to assist with completing physical exams.

July – Judy Goforth, Pulaski

Judy was awarded for all the extra effort she took, even while on vacation and over weekends, insuring a patient complied with their required TB medication.

June – Melissa Trammell, McCreary/Wayne

Melissa was selected because of her quick thinking thus scaring away a couple ruffians who were attempting some misdeed at our Wayne Clinic after-hours.

May – Sharon Perkins, Pulaski

Sharon was selected for the extra effort she put into making sure a WIC child on special formula didn’t have to go the weekend without formula.

April – Amy Edwards, Wayne

Amy was awarded for all the extra effort she put into promoting colon cancer awareness.  She organized events and raised money.

March – Norma Trull, Pulaski

Norma was nominated and selected for the excellent care she provided in insuring the safety of some children she serviced.

February – Kristi Irvin, Russell

Kristi was nominated and selected for the extra hours and effort she put into working with a Direct Observe Therapy (DOT) TB patient.

January – Anna Johnson, Pulaski

Anna was nominated and selected for rendering emergency care to a student who was later transported to UK and diagnosed with a serious heart condition.