Employee of the Month Awards for 2010

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December – Lisa Harris, Pulaski

Lisa was nominated and selected for paying out of her pocket the fee for a needy patient’s services.

November – Cathy Haynes, Pulaski

Cathy was selected for the extra effort she put forth in working with two school clubs.  A “riding club” to benefit a student with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma raised over $10,000 dollars.  A “diabetes walk” she was affiliated with raised over $1,000 dollars.

October – Melinda Thomas, Russell

Melinda was nominated and awarded for providing CPR and using the AED equipment on a teacher who had collapsed, probably saving his life.

September – Shirley Roberson, Russell

Shirley was nominated and awarded for working extra with a cancer patient to find funding for smoking patches and for providing the patient with individual counseling to help her quit smoking.

August – Teresa McFall, Russell

Teresa was awarded after being nominated by her school principal for the outstanding job she does for their school and with their children.

July – Deana Osborne, District

Deanna was awarded for stopping and giving CPR to a woman and helping to calm the grandchild.

June – Lisa Harris, Pulaski

Lisa was awarded for doing extra work to assist a patient secure assistance for cancer treatment.

May – Jarrod Simpson, McCreary/Daniel Bell, Casey

Daniel and Jarrod were awarded for riding their bikes in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure and raising over $300.00.  They paid their own fees and utilized their own time.

April – Wanda Vanover, McCreary

Wanda was awarded for assisting with a child who was disoriented and aggressive.  She calmed the child and treated minor wounds and called home later to check on child.

March – Thara Terry, McCreary

Thara was awarded for the extra efforts she put in with one particular obese child.  She coordinated access to an array of services and worked with school officials to increase access to exercise time.

February – Amy Marcum, Wayne

Amy was awarded for rendering aid to a collapsed student.

January – Susan Adams, Pulaski

Susan was awarded for securing a donation of fire alarms for the Pulaski HANDS families and for spending her Christmas helping one of her HANDS mothers move out of an abusive relationship into the protection of a spouse abuse shelter.