Employee of the Month Awards for 2007

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December – Angel Hopkins, Pulaski

Angel was awarded for the support she gave her staff when one of their family’s children passed away.

November – Wilda Morris, Pulaski 

Wilda was awarded for the support she gave a HANDS family when their child passed away.

October – Bonnie Tucker, Russell

Bonnie was awarded because, despite her recent surgery and ongoing chemotherapy, coming back to work and being very positive and doing several things to improve the building.

September – Kim Kane, Casey

Kim was awarded for helping a patient search for resources to pay for cancer treatment and, when Health Education was in a bind, assisting with their programming.

August – Chasity Patterson, Cumberland/Clinton

Chasity was awarded for working with the community to get a displaced mother clothing and necessities after a neighbor’s meth lab resulted in the lady’s home being quarantined.

July – Joyce York, Adair

Nita was awarded for researching WIC information for a soldier and family getting ready to be transferred to Germany.

June – Ruth Smith, Clinton

Ruth was awarded for working extended hours to provide extra benefit to her HANDS clients.

May – Betty Jo Tomlinson, Pulaski

Betty was awarded due to personal testimony from a patient regarding her positive experience with Betty Joe.

April – Kathy Phelps, Pulaski

Kathy was awarded for carrying the extra load for the HANDS program in Pulaski after major staff turn-over.

March – Danyel Parmley, Wayne

Danyel was awarded for creating a tri-fold brochure on her own time for her HANDS families.

February – Janet Cowherd, Taylor

Janet was awarded as a result of her Vice-principal sending a letter to the Taylor County School Superintendent and School Board thanking them for the school contract and mentioning an instance when Janet discovered a child’s problematic blood sugar level.

January – Vicky Albertson, Clinton

Vicky was awarded for working numerous hours making phone calls finding financial assistance for a needy cancer patient.