Employee of the Month Awards for 2006

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December – Brian West, Pulaski

Brian was awarded for volunteering to be Santa for HANDS kids when they had someone cancel at the last minute.

November – Allison Griffiths, Green

Allison was awarded for coming in on the week-end to verify a birth so a family could take a cruise.

October – Karen Branscum, Pulaski

Karen was awarded for stopping and giving a man CPR until the ambulance showed up.

September – Michelle Chumbley, Pulaski

Michelle was awarded due to a patient’s mother’s testimony of appreciation for making a “goody bag” for her child (our patient) who was diagnosed with cancer.

August – Debbie Mayberry, McCreary

Debbie was awarded for donating her hair to make wigs for cancer patients at the Relay for Life.

July – Wilma Munsey, District

Wilma was awarded for creating multiple procedure manuals for the HR Department.

June – Amy Edwards, Wayne

Amy was awarded for writing a “healthy heart” grant, which was approved.

May – Kaylene Bush, Green

Kaylene was awarded for filling out a “PRIDE” application and working with the Environmentalist in helping a client get a septic system.

April – Roger Young, District

Roger was awarded for being helpful in multiple counties with many chores and tasks outside the boundaries of “just keeping the grounds”.

March – Carol Lane, District

Carol was awarded for persevering with Medicare regarding working out payment glitches with flu shots.

February – Lydia Irwin, Wayne

Sue was awarded for doing extra work to get a child an assessment which caught a disease early and resulted in the child getting needed treatment.

January – Teresa Harrison, Pulaski 

Teresa was awarded for unstopping a plugged tracheostomy and saving a child’s life.