Reduce the Risk 

Reducing the Risk (R.T.R.) is an abstinence based curriculum that focuses on avoiding unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases/infections. Health Educators offer RTR to grades 9 – 12 grades.

Couple Helping youth avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmissible infections is a challenge that faces our communities. Children having children is a problem with dire consequences for both the young people themselves and for society as a whole. Young people with children have sharply reduced education and employment opportunities and a poorer quality of life. Meeting their needs places a severe burden on both families and public resources. Moreover, sexually active teens are at great risk of contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Helpful Links
           Advocates for Youth
           Campaign for our Children
          Keep Kids Healthy
           Kentucky Coalition on Teen Pregnancy

Health Educators are strategically housed in each local health departments to mobilize communities toward healthier choices.  Click your county on the map to contact your Health Educator for questions about our programs and services.

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