The following are provided to help you assess your general health.  No self-assessment tool can replace a visit to your physician.  Please see your family doctor for any health related concerns.


CDC Prevention Checklist
Healthy Living Calculators*
LCDHD: Health Risk Assessment
Life Span Calculator**

*EBSCO Publishing’s proprietary interactive calculators provide general results based on input provided by the user that is calculated against measurements or formulas considered standard by various government agencies, including the USDA, CDC, and FDA. The inputted information consists only of single values (e.g., anthropometric data or activity levels) not detailed clinical information, and the results do not indicate or suggest a specific course of action unique to the user.

**Northwestern Mutual’s “Lifespan Calculator” considers 13 lifestyle factors including diet, drinking, smoking and stress to estimate a person’s life expectancy, based on the latest actuarial data from the National Center for Health Statistics.  People who have a sense of their own longevity can better manage their financial futures for the long term.