Temporary Food Guidelines

For a printable .pdf version of the following guidelines, click here: Temporary Food Guidelines.

Temporary Food Service Guidelines

•  A Temporary Food Services Establishment shall comply with the requirements of the Kentucky Food Service Establishment Act and State Food Code, 902 KAR 45:005.

•  Only those potentially hazardous foods requiring limited preparation shall be prepared or served unless specifically approved by the Department.

•  A permit application and list of foods to be offered shall be submitted to the Department prior to the operation of any temporary food concession. 

•  Kentucky requires a permit fee of $50.00 for 1-3 days event, $75.00 for 4-7 days event and $100.00 for 8-14 days event. The permit fee is payable to the Lake Cumberland District Health Department.

•  Foods shall be wholesome and obtained from an approved source. 
•  No home canned foods. 
•  The preparation of foods in a home kitchen or establishment not subject to Health Department inspection is strictly prohibited.

Food Protection
•  Foods must be served and prepared in an enclosed or screened-in insect-proof booth.
•  Keep doors closed.
•  Food may be grilled outside but must be returned to booth for storage/service.
•  Keep hot potentially hazardous foods at 135oF or above, once properly cooked.
•  Keep cold potentially hazardous foods at 41oF or below.
•  Do not store potentially hazardous foods at room temperature.
•  Crock pots are prohibited for cooking, but may be used to hold food at 135oF or above.
•  Metal stem 0-220oF thermometers are required.
•  Condiments must be provided in individual packaged or approved dispensers.
•  Cover all foods to protect from contamination.
•  Store food, utensils, and single service articles (cups, straws, napkins, etc.) off of the floor/ground.

Food Equipment
•  Use utensils and scoops with handles for dispensing food and ice.
•  Do not store foods in ice meant for consumption.
•  All equipment, utensils, and food prep surfaces must be in good repair and clean.

•  Effective hair restraints shall be worn by all workers.
•  No tobacco products (smoking, chewing, dipping), eating or drinking allowed in booths.
•  No Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Foods
•  Persons who are ill, or exhibiting symptoms of illness SHALL NOT prepare or serve food
•  It is the responsibility of the Permit Holder to ensure food workers are free from illness.

Hand washing
•  Provide adequate clean water in a container with a spigot, soap and paper towels at all times for hand washing.  Hand washing is REQUIRED; hand antiseptics SHALL NOT replace handwashing.

Utensil Washing
•  Provide 3 containers (dishpans, buckets) for wash, rinse and sanitize process.
•  Wash- warm water and dish detergent.
•  Rinse- warm water for rinsing.
•  Sanitizing- bleach water with a concentration of 50-100 ppm bleach. Utensils must be soaked in sanitizing solution for approximately 10 seconds and be allowed to air dry.
•  Chlorine test strips will be required to check bleach concentrations.

•  Provide washable trash containers.
•  Store all toxic materials (cleaners) in properly labeled containers and away from food prep area.
•  All light fixtures must be shielded.

Shopping List
•  Health Department Permit    
•  Metal stem thermometers
•  Thermometers for all coolers
•  Hand soap and paper towels  
•  Warm water
•  Sanitizer (bleach)
•  Sanitizer test strips
•  Dish detergent
•  Trash can
•  Ice scoops
•  Extra serving utensils
•  Food service gloves
•  Dish wash containers
•  Etc.