The Lake Cumberland District Health Department offers FREE comprehensive diabetes self-management classes as well as evening educational opportunities throughout our 10 county district.  Visit our Community Calendar for classes scheduled in your county.


We are excited to invite you to attend the next series of diabetes classes!  The series is four weekly sessions that last 2 ½  hours.  Each session covers a different topic but will include nutrition and physical activity.  We have named our series “Learning to Control Diabetes - Step by Step” because we hope you will learn ways to live healthier with your diabetes!  The sessions are free and open to anyone who wishes to attend.  Preregistration is required; please call 1-800-928-4416 EXT 1166 for more information.

Session One Topics - What is Diabetes? Acute Complications, Nutrition – Healthy Eating, Goal Setting

Session Two Topics - Medications, Diabetes & Exercise, Nutrition – Plate Method, Portion Sizes, Sugar Substitutes, Physical Activity

Session Three Topics - Pattern Management, ABC’s of Diabetes, Nutrition – Carbohydrate Counting, Food Labels/Meal Planning

Session Four Topics - Chronic Complications, Daily Care: Skin/Foot Care, Coping, Sick Days, Tobacco Use, Nutrition – Healthy Heart, Weight Loss, Fast Food, Physical Activity

Evening Education Opportunities are also available.  Two-hour night classes are offered that cover “Diabetes Basics” (general overview of diabetes) and “Nutrition Basics” (general diabetes nutrition). 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions!  And remember, the diabetes education program at LCDHD is here to help!  For more information, please call your local health department or 1-800-928-4416, ext. 1166.