School Health

Our school health program employs a total of 58 public health nurses who are better known in our communities as “the school nurse”.  These public health nurses are highly trained medical professionals that provide an array of pediatric health services as well as school staff health and wellness promotion.  The LCDHD public health nurses adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Kentucky Department of Public Health’s Core Clinical Service Guide to ensure that our nursing care is provided at the highest professional standard. 


Our school health program offers many services and programs for children and adolescents, which include but are not limited to:  acute and chronic illness screenings, required acute and chronic treatments as prescribed by a child’s medical provider, health screenings, well child exams, immunization administration, chronic disease case management (asthma, diabetes, allergy/anaphylaxis and epilepsy), health education and physician referrals.  Our school health program partners with Kentucky’s Respiratory Disease Program to offer asthma education, awareness and disease management to our students, faculty and parents as well as other community members.  We currently possess 2 certified asthma educators within our school health program. 

Our school satellite clinics also provide school faculty and staff with appropriate health education in compliance with KDE recommendations.  We currently provide school faculty and staff as well as other State employees with Humana Vitality wellness checks and provide individual chronic disease education and physician referrals as necessary. 

The LCDHD school health program promotes health prevention to our communities through our 52 school satellite health clinics.  Preventive health services can detect minor health problems before they become serious.  Detecting these health problems early is an effective way to improve quality of life and reduce health care costs.  Please contact the local health department for more information.

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