Orientation Materials

I.  To review all Kentucky Revised Statutes and Administrative Regulations and other laws which govern Kentucky health departments, click here: KRSs and ARs that Govern KY Health Departments.

       A.  902 KAR 8:150; Section C specifically details the “functions of the board”.

II.  To learn the distinctions between the Local and District Board of Health, click here: Local versus District Board of Health.

III.  To view other Board Members, click here: District and Local Boards of Health Members.

IV. To access detailed orientation materials, click the following: Basic Board Orientation by NALBOH or DPH Board Orientation or NALBOH Board Orientation.

V.  To read about some of the programatic and staffing impacts due to the down-turn in the economy, click the following:NACCHO: Forces of Change.

VI. To access the Department for Public Health’s Administrative Reference regarding Local Board’s of health, click the following: Boards of Health.

VII. To read about the “Winnable Public Health Battles” as identified by the Centers for Disease Control, click the following: “Winnable Public Health Battles”.  To read a progress report on the “Winnable Public Health Battles”, click the following: Progress Report.

VIII. To read about NALBOH’s Governance Functions of Health Boards, click the following: The Governance Functions of Health Boards.

IX.  To learn about how to evaluate a public health director/officer in terms of core competencies, click the following: Health Officer Core Competencies.

X.  To learn more about local health department strategic planning, click the following: Strategic Planning: A How-To Guide for LHDs.

XI.  To learn more about Local Boards of Health and environmental policy, click the following: Local Boards of Health and Environmental Policy.

XII.  To review the Board’s Code of Ethics, click the following: Board of Health Code of Ethics.

XIII.  To review the Board’s By-Laws, click the following: District Board of Health By-laws.

XIV.  To review the Local Board of Health Toolkit, click the following: Local Board of Health Toolkit.