2013 Employee of the Year

Lisa Brown

Congratulations Lisa Brown

(pictured L to R: Beth Thomas, School Program Director; Shawn D. Crabtree, Executive Director; Lisa Brown, Casey School Nurse; Donna Keen, School Program Supervisor; Peggy Tiller, Director of Nursing)

Lisa was awarded for keeping a positive attitude and a high standard of performance despite dealing with challenging personal medical circumstances.   

It is important for an organization to acknowledge the efforts of its staff.  In January 2005 the Lake Cumberland District Health Department started selecting an employee of the month.  The candidates are nominated by their peers for “going beyond the call of duty” and selected by the Executive Team by anonymous vote.  From the twelve monthly “Employees of the Month” an “Employee of the Year” is also selected.  Below is an archive of previous “Employees of the Year”.

2014 Employee of the Year - Chris West Brown, District
Chris was awarded for all the extra effort he has put into his job while covering for our groundskeeper/mail deliverer during his absence.  During this time, he has had to help manage multiple water damage issues at our clinics as a result of the recent polar vortex. 

2013 Employee of the Year - Lisa Brown, Casey
Lisa was awarded for keeping a positive attitude and a high standard of performance despite dealing with challenging personal medical circumstances.

Lisa Brown

2012 Employee of the Year - Vickie Bullock, District
Vickie was nominated for volunteering her own time to spend several days working with the Red Cross in New York on the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  She also rescued one of our employees who had gotten locked in the annex basement.

Vickie Bullock

2011 Employee of the Year - Amy Edwards, Wayne
Amy was awarded for all the extra effort she put into promoting colon cancer awareness.  She organized events and raised money. 
Amy Edwards

2010 Employee of the Year - Shirley Roberson, Russell 
Shirley was nominated and awarded for working extra with a cancer patient to find funding for smoking patches and for providing the patient with individual counseling to help her quit smoking.
Shirley Roberson

2009 Employee of the Year - Carol Huckelby, District
Carol was awarded for taking on the extra H1N1 vaccine ordering and database management duties.

Carol Huckelby

2008 Employee of the Year - Melinda Thomas, Russell
Melinda was awarded for taking extra measures to keep open communication with one of her student’s doctors.  This resulted in catching a “deficiency” that, if gone untreated, would have likely resulted in the child’s death in a few years. 
Melinda Thomas

2007 Employee of the Year - Wilda Morris, Pulaski
Wilda was awarded for the support she gave a HANDS family when their child passed away.
Wilda Morris

2006 Employee of the Year - Teresa Harrison, Pulaski
Teresa was awarded for unstopping a plugged tracheostomy and saving a child’s life.
Terry Harrison

2005 Employee of the Year - Sam Price, Pulaski
Sam was awarded for spending 17 days in Mississippi doing Hurricane Katrina relief.
Sam Price